Custom patches for 1.0.x

Most of these has been written for 1.0.7, and all of them are in use, so they should be stable

Allow setting codec preferences MySQL sipfriends by adding new, with this patch mandatory columns disallow and allow. To use this patch, add them to the sipfriends table with

mysql> ALTER TABLE sipfriends ADD disallow VARCHAR(50)
mysql> ALTER TABLE sipfriends ADD allow VARCHAR(50)

Allow setting dtmfmode in MySQL sipfriends

mysql> ALTER TABLE sipfriends ADD dtmfmode VARCHAR(50)

Our (Briiz Telecom) custom patched 1.0.7-based asterisk. The patches include fix for an RTP-leak (see, a SIP nonce generation bug which affects some clients, see, an extension to set allow, disallow and dtmfmode from mysql sipfriends and a lot more...