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Personal info

Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk
Glads vei 64
0489 Oslo
Born: 23. November 1973
Marital status: Single
Phone number: +47 98013356

Work experience

Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences 2012-

Senior engineer, responsibilities include running Linux system, mostly RedHat, CentOS and Scientific Linux, but also some debian/ubuntu installs. MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, storage on Dell EqualLogic, Vmware ESXi on 12 nodes, some work on KVM clustering, media streaming services with MediaMosa, and services for sensitive data. VMware on Dell Blade servers. Some work on Windows.

Norwegian Institute for Air Research, 2009-2012

Systems operations on the following platforms: Linux (Ubuntu, RedHat, Fedora, and some embedded systems/rarities); Solaris (Solaris 8-10 on SPARC/x86, OpenSolaris/ OpenIndiana) with a total of approximately 100 servers. SAN storage based on, NAS/file server/Bacula SD based on OpenSolaris, later OpenIndiana. Responsibility for monitoring of network, OS and applications and automation using tools like Icinga (a Nagios fork) and Puppet. Virtualization with XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V and later Xen on Ubuntu Server with storage on NexSAN and OpenIndiana. Installation and management of Request tracker. Installation and operation of MySQL, PostgreSQL and some SQLite systems. General support to power users/scientists. Setup and management of a local 8-node, (144-core) HPC cluster based on MPI with OpenIndiana for NFS storage.

Fortel AS, 2004-2009

IT-consultant and developer with main responsibility for installation and management of the company's ~10,000 user IP telephony setup, initially based on Asterisk PBX and later migrated to the CallWeaver fork (now defunct). Server monitoring with Nagios og MRTG and other tools. Development of customer support systems in LAMP, and some perl development. Operations of about 15 servers with differing roles, mainly on Ubuntu Linux. Virtualization with Virtualbox and storage on iSCSI med iSCSI Enterprise Target on Ubuntu Linux. Internal operations for the Linux iptables/netfilter based firewall, and some patching/fixing and development of the Asterisk PBX and CallWeaver in the C programming language. Operating the local network and servers on Windows Server 2003, Exchange 2007 and MSSQL. I worked for the company from shortly after startup and until their bankrupcy in February 2009.

Pronto TV, 2001-2004

Computer consultant / developer with main responsibility of operation and development of the company's Video on demand (VoD) solution on Linux platform. General operations and support on Linux and Windows platform. Some work on Windows server and MSSQL. Developed a video streaming server on commodity hardware performing ~90 concurrent 4Mbps video playback streams with each client on a different time or movie, each server at the cost of approximately NOK 20,000 at that time. Some lab work with IPTV over IPv4 multicast. Use of Nagios for monitoring and Asterisk PBX as PBX.

Fast Search and Transfer, 2001

Operating the company's ~30 Solaris, BSD and Linux servers, plus some lab work/testing on storage solutions from Dell, later EMC2. Support/management of development platforms with Windows and Linux clients. I was dismissed after a few months in what was to be come the first in a series of mass layoffs. FAST was aquired by Microsoft in 2008.

A-Team, 1999-2001

IT consultant with main responsibility for customers with Novell NetWare and related systems. Some work with integrating NetWare with Windows servers and Linux (NFS, NDS/eDirectory etc). General networking, mostly on Cisco, and large-scale software management for a client based on NetWare and Novell ZENworks.

Christianianett, 1998-1999

IT consultant, working with general networks, and systems like Novell NetWare, Linux, Windows, Lotus Notes. Some development for web/cgi/perl, later more focus on LAMP.

InfoCare 1995-1998

I started off repairing PCs and was moved to the “net-team” department, focusing on Windows NT, later Novell Netware certification and consulting. Worked as a consultant for numerous clients on problems ranging from Windows NT/NetWare installations, to network troubleshooting. Certified as MCSE on Windows NT 3.51 and NT 4.0, and Master CNE on NetWare 4.11 and 5.0. Held a local trainee program with 10-odd trainees.

Sparebanken NOR 1994-1995

Worked for the logistics department, handling orders from other parts of the bank. Some work was slightly connected to the IT department, with flicking on NCR System V Unix.

Norsk Tipping 1994

School-based work in my last school year at Ankerskogen Videregående skole. Work done was some operations and some development, writing a piece of software to log data from a unit built to log to a serial printer.



During the 1990s, I gained certification as MCSE, Master CNE, CLS, Compaq ASL and LPI. From around 2000, I started working more focused with Linux and other open source systems. I have worked with most unices, and regard myself as an expert level on Linux and well experienced on Solaris, OpenIndiana and related systems. I know Nagios/Icinga, and more, systems for monitoring/managing large networks. I have operated databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, on a medium to large scale basis. My network knowledge is good, and I believe I have a thorough understanding of both network and computer systems as a whole. I can program in C, C++, PHP, Perl, shells cripting, some python, some ruby (if I really have to) and Visual Basic (at gunpoint). I have a deep understanding of methods of data storage, specifically on ZFS. Lately, I've worked with Dell EqualLogic and VMware for storage and virtualisation.


Language Level written Level spoken
Norwegian Fluent (first language) Fluent (first language)
English Fluent Fluent
Icelandic Elementary Elementary
German Elementary Elementary
Sign language Level  
Norwegian sign language Elementary

Computing related courses (lately)

Time Place Subject Comment
May 2011 NOTUR High Performance Computing and Infrastructure  
October 2011 Redpill Linpro Oslo Puppet master  

School and courses

År School Subject Comment
2006 Folkeuniversitetet, Oslo German level 1  
2006 Folkeuniversitetet, Oslo Icelandic level 2  
2005 Folkeuniversitetet, Oslo Icelandic level 1  
1993-1994 Ankerskogen videregående skole, Hamar Datateknisk VK2  
1992-1993 Kongsvinger tekniske fagskole Elektronikk VK1  
1991 Trysil videregående skole Handel og kontor GK Interrupted half way through
1990-1991 Namdals folkehøgskole Media Primarily photography
1989-1990 Kongsvinger tekniske fagskole Elektro GK