My own asterisk stuff

  • A brief analysis of the Gizmo Project's integration with Asterisk. Read this if you have any intention using the Gizmo!
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  • sitsotd, a project aiming to build a scalable SIP bridge/gateway to be used in front of SIP/PSTN gateways such as Asterisk.
  • A plugin for Nagios using the manager interface to report status and number of active channels for each channel driver.
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  • A plugin for Nagios to check the status of a STUN server. This requires the STUN client downloadable from Sourceforge
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  • An MRTG script to allow graphing of concurrent calls in asterisk.
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  • Also, I have downloads from lying around here for those who don't want to bloody register with them to get their GPL software...
  • vim syntax highlightning for asterisk general config files and asterisk voicemail configs.
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    The MRTG scripts, really being the nagios plugin with a few modifications, can be used to feed MRTG by modifying your mrtg.cfg to include an entry similar to the one below
    Title[servername]: Server title
    PageTop[servername]: <h1></h1>
    Target[servername]: `/usr/local/bin/asterisk-mrtg -h -1 SIP -2 IAX2`
    Options[servername]: gauge,integer
    MaxBytes[servername]: 90
    YLegend[servername]: Active channels
    Please note that the channel name is case sensitive. Valid options are SIP, IAX2, Zap and so on

    The nagios plugin should be pretty self-explainatory, given you know nagios :)

    Below are custom patches and backports to 1.0 or 1.2. These patches will not be maintained anymore. Please visit The Asterisk Backports Page instead...  
       Custom patches to 1.0.x  
       Custom patches to 1.2.x including Rate-engine, a Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine for asterisk. Rate-Engine is old work,
       and needs a bit more to work. I don't touch it anymore, since I'm writing a hack in perl instead :P
    All patches here are licenced according to this.  
    There's also a little recording, a 'congratulations, you have successfully installed asterisk' worth hearing :)
    Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk <>
    Also note the Real asterisk disclaimer